A hard days knit

October 11, 2021

So today I spent all day knitting a hat. Wanted to do many things: compose a bit, program a bit, maybe advance in the game I am trying to make (the pixel art is very hard) but nope, I just knit all day. At least I got a hat out of it.

I had wanted to make one with earflaps for a while, and while the result could have been better, I think it is quite decent taking into account it was the first time I was using a circular knitting needle. It is quite hard to use and there is no way to stick it under your armpit, so I ended up awkwardly holding the needles in my hands and against one leg. I bet there is a proper way to knit with them, I just didn’t go and research it.

I also had to do a bit of cheating because the hat ended up being a tad bit too big. What I did was saw it tighter with the grey wool around the front and back, and the end result is not too bad. I also learned to do a pompom, which is nice! Anyway, here’s a picture of the end result with my ugly mug on it.