Migration to Hugo

November 26, 2021

I haven’t published anything in a while in the blog because I was busy migrating it to a new technology. I was using Django, which is very powerful and easy enough to use. It is based on python too, which means that I could flex a bit the rusty muscles I had. However, it is mainly designed to be used with dynamic webpages, and this being a blog plus projects up here, it did not make a lot of sense (I do not want comments on the posts because well, then I would have to enter into the world of filtering spam, moderating behaviour, etc etc which I am not keen in doing at all.

So, I obviously started with reinventing the wheel and wanted to make my own static site generator written in python. It would obviously end up being really not general at all or reusable and with lots of quirks about how to use it because I would not devote time to it. Suffice it to say, the effort was short lived (thankfully).

After some common sense shone inside my head, I decided to go with Hugo. It is a static site generator written in Go, but just browsing through a couple of tutorials I realised that I could probably port it in a couple of days. Alas, that is what happenned: over this week in little spaces of free time I managed to port it, and then in the train trip to Seville I finished it! And here’s the result, for you all to bask in its glory.