New Banner

April 21, 2022

As I said in the previous entry, one of the things I want to add to the game are the initial flash screens typical from all games. One of the reasons is to showcase the use of Godot, which I have found really pleasant to work with. At the beginning I considered going the hardcore way and coding all this in C or C++, with OpenGL, but then in a miracle way I managed to talk some sense into it. If not, it would have been impossible to finish this by April with the amount of hours I have dedicated to it.

The main reason to do it was so that I could put a “Jabawaka Games presents” which I always liked, but that meant I had to get a new logo. My old pixel art cow in the fields was a bit lacking in style to say the least. So that is why we have a new webpage, with a pixel art Jaberwocky instead. My first blog ever was named the Jabberwocky, having always liked Alice in Wonderland and Through the looking glass. I was young, ignorant and blissfully unaware that it was a very obvious literature reference (as painly pointed out in The Social Network, thanks for that). I was so ignorant that I did not know enough English to know the meaning of ‘jabber’, and therefore the actual metaphor the poem is about. I just thought a dragon featured in a nonsensical poem was cool! Incidentally it is a very good name for a blog. Through college the joking mispronunciation of it by a friend turned my main nickname into Jabawaka, and here we are today. That is why I think a pixel art Jaberwocky is the best logo I could have, and maybe at some point I’ll actually go and comission a proper one from an able pixel artist.