Productive Xmas

January 22, 2022

Over Xmas back in my hometown, I have been able to advance on the game quite a bit. I finished a rough prototype which includes just one ship, with no powers yet, and tried to add all the visual flair I could for now:


The main thing I have worked on is tuning the physics and getting all the lights to change and the thing to look “finished”. Now I need to add powers and other ships, but I have spent the better part of January just getting back to my routine. The only reason why I’m posting is because I have finally refactored the script so that it is usable, it was a big mess. Since I need to reuse it on the other ships with minor modifications, I made sure it was relatively easy to do so. It is the least satisfactory job though, because you are not implementing anything new and are just breaking things initially to then try to get them back to normal!